It was a glorious invasion...

We were briefly invaded last night by the JHOP.DC San Francisco team. Our small group was meeting...and there in the middle of the quet conversation, came a knock on the door, followed by "Hi guys!!!" The crew poured into our living room for hugs and high fives all around. They had driven SF to Denver the day before, spent the night there, and were passing straight through, Denver to DC. (Three cheers for the Iron Bottom Award Winners....that's a long drive!)

We are incredibly proud of this gang of seven who have spent the last month doing a nightwatch in SF. They're the best of the best young people we've ever been acquainted with and have poured their hearts out for the city this last month.

It did my heart so much good for them to drop by, even if it did derail the conversation and leave the rest of our group (who had no clue who this band of gypsies were!) a little bewildered. Alas, they were gone as quickly as they came...for dinner with friends and then back on the highway for the final 20 hr sprint home. We love you guys! You rock!!!

Back Row: Thomas, Kristene, Tanner, Monique & Jesse. Front Row: Missy and Trevor.

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