What's an e12?

It's not:

a) a vitamin

b) a european highway

c) a bingo space

It's a study group surrounding the notes of the eschatology class we're taking, and contrary to everything I would have told you two years ago, we're hosting one and I'm enjoying it. I remember eschatology teaching as a kid...big, scary, Elvis-on-velvet charts that spread around 3 sides of the room.

Sensationalism turned a lot of us away from the study back then - ironic, because it's the study of the most sensational period of human history...still, teachers managed to make it so cheesy that most of us rolled our eyes and checked out for what we thought was relevance.

Our group last night was a few short of it's 12, but not many...and it went great for a first night. I was reminded that my wife is way, way smarter than I am....but I was also surprised at some of the clarity that I'm finding on my own in the subject. It's hard to fully understand how much of a subject you grasp until you start explaining and answering questions. I'm looking forward to digging into this with these folks.

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