Quotable Sunday Morning...

My friend Hal Linhardt spoke at FCF this morning. Hal is a master of the english language and sent me scrambling to dictionary.com once during his message (thank heaven for a church auditorium with WiFi). He is also rather animated and quotable. There were dozens of doozies, but my personal favorites were:

Regarding evangelism..."Old people need to be spoken to directly. Face it, if you're 70 or 80 years old, you're on your last lap of life."

Regarding pastors who make proclamations and then recant under pressure..."For heaven's sake, man - speak the oracles of God or just shut up!"*

Hal is a hidden gem of IHOP...an intellectual with a soft heart and adventurers spirit. He went with me to Burning Man in '04 (pictured here with me just prior for hitting the playa with our big ol' yeller truck) and plunged headlong into a culture that made no sense to him...because he loves people. Hal, you get the Sunday Night Saaaaa-Lute!

*It should be noted that Hal apologized profusely for this comment, but it went unheard as we were all cheering too loudly.

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