one justice in, one (or more?) to go...

Yesterday afternoon, John Roberts was confirmed as Supreme Court Chief Justice after surviving his confirmation hearings by using the dodge & perry defese. While the committee found his children charming in the hearing, things got decidedly more cloudy after that. I'm not sure what to think - or that we even can know what to expect. He may be great for the job...or, heaven forbid, he might turn out to be a Reaganesque appointee that leaves us slapping our foreheads and saying "Doh! Won't do that again!" (and of course, we will...)

Count on the next appointee to face a firestorm. Roberts' palatability to the left makes me think they're going to come out loaded for bear on this one.

Next time I'm up for some sort of job review, I'm going to handle it like a Supreme Court nominee. I would prefer not to answer that question. Can we talk about something other than specifics? Please, let's look to history...but not my history.

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