morning on the west coast

Yesterday may well have been the longest day in recorded history. Or at least my recent memory. I was up at 3:30 AM to get ready for my early ride to the airport with Lou Engle and Brian Kim, courtesy of Brent Steeno. Thanks, Brent! You rock! I arrived in San Diego by 10:05, then went over to the church where we're doing the conference to look things over. Canyonview Christian Fellowship owns a small shopping plaza and utilizes a little over half of it. The rest is occupied by a Domino's Pizza, beauty salon, and veteranarians office. ("Canyonview - fix your heart, fix your hair, fix your hound, and have lunch!")

We ate lunch at the fish market, watching seals do lazy barrel rolls and then went back to Sjogren's hotel to hang out and talk.

The conference started last night - Steve did all of the teaching. It was great but by the time it was over, I was ready to drop because of the time difference and having had to get out of bed so early. I think I crawled back in about 1:30 AM central time. This morning, I'll be teaching (and I think I'm awake now...).

I miss my family....will see you guys tomorrow! ::)

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