identity heft

It thirty eight years of age, it is a painful - albeit hilarious - thing to look back and twenty year old pictures. Strange color combinations. Strange hair care choices. Strange friends. I need to stare a the photos for a while to figure out who that figure in the middle is. Oh. That would be me.

Two decades have taken me to live in six states. Into the gravitational pull of several key leaders in Christianity. To the desert for three laps around a tribe of spiritual bedouins. Thrice into the delivery room to take delivery of three half-clones. Hundreds of times into the prayer room to take delivery of a renewed heart. The guy in the middle of the twenty year old photo looks more and more distant to me. And it's just as well.

Eighteen is a wonderful age but heaven help the man who's eighteen for his entire life. Or even 38 for half his life. We were meant to grow. My prayer for you today is that you would find some old picture and laugh hard. And that your kids would ask "Who is THAT!?!

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