go west, bald man...

Saturday night's wedding at the Newton White Mansion was beautiful...the forty minute delay while we waiting for the sound system patch cord resulted in the most gorgeous lighting you can imagine to fall across the outdoor ceremony. Lou's discourse on the joining of two 'warring clans' was off the charts - I hope it was recorded. Tarynn looked stunning and Adam cleaned up pretty good himself. Of course, when Kelsey turned the corner on the veranda and walked my way (in a bridesmaids dress that - for once in history - was not goofying looking) I nearly peed my rented suit. Shazaaam! She is beautiful. All I could hear was Eric Clapton's 'You Look Wonderful Tonight." And I think it must have just been in my head, because at that point, we were...uh...still waiting for the sound sytem patch cord.

At the reception, we were shocked to discover that Grayson (8) is a dancin' foo'. Slow, fast...he danced them all, including a jitterbug that had his mother and I laughing so hard we cried. Who knew? ZB looked very dashing in his Thrift Store tuxedo...as did Jackson in his suit, accented by Chuck Taylor low cuts. More photos to follow, as the digital camera left on vacation and will be back in two weeks.

After crawling into bed around 1:30 AM, we crawled back out around 6 AM for a quick 6:30 AM staff meeting. Around 8 AM I rode with Lou to BWI to talk about a few things and then returned to finish packing our stuff. I think we pulled out around 2 PM and drove west and north, through Maryland...West Virginia...Pennsylvania...West Virginia again (who drew these borders?!?!)...Ohio and into Indiana. The magic of podcasting and an FM transmitter gave us a boring BBC documentary to lull the kids to sleep. There's a madness to my method.

They're all sleeping it off this morning as I enjoy the hotel WiFi. Later today, we press further west....

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