an entirely true story...

About 4 pm today, I was walking out the side door of the area of the building that houses our offices - aka CubeLand. It's a solid steel door that opens to a sidewalk covered by a portico. The door opens out and swings to the right - as I open it, I glance left and see this shifty looking guy half walking, half trotting down the sidewalk headed my way. Instantly every thing in me said "This ain't right!" but I continued to open the door. When I stepped out the door, he was directly in front of me. Out of nowhere, a police cruiser pulls up, an officer jumps out, yanks his handgun and points it at the guy (and subsequently points it at ME!) and yells "PUT UP YOUR HANDS!"

At this point, I grew very concerned.

I'm not sure what the perpatrator did, but I yanked back in the office and slammed the door shut. Then, thinking about how stinking BIG that officer's gun looked from that angle, I realized that any shots that missed the bad guy would probably come through the walls towards the good guy (again, ME). I beat feet further back into the office and hid out for a while. Twenty minutes later, I went out another door and found the police standing over the guy and a handgun laying about 10 feet away on the sidewalk.

Hope your day was uneventful.

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