dinner with the wedding party...

We gathered at the Castlebay Irish Pub in Annapolis this evening to throw down some fish and chips. I give the fish a seven. Even though the Chesapeake Bay is within sight about a block away from the Castlebay, I had better fish and chips two weeks ago at the Riverfront Deli in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Later we walked down toward the bay and past a row of forty and fifty foot long boats tied to the dock. On the corner was some strange gathering that could only have been titled "The Big Dog Gathering". There must have been a half dozen people meeting there, each with a dog weighing nearly 200 lbs. There were multiple breeds represented, all with the same distinguishing quaility - bulk.

Pretty strange... I got to wondering if somewhere else in town hosts a Small Dog gathering...probably in a tea room. I also wonder what would happen if you got the meeting places mixed up and showed up at the Small Dog gathering with your Mastiff and he ate someone's Daschund. That could be really awkward, you know?

The wedding is tomorrow. I think it's getting to me.

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