a day's work...

I spent the better part of the day hunched over the keyboard of a PC. Yes, I know...Mac Heresy. Jackson is starting high school classes next week (I know...he's still twelve, but he eats books.) and is taking most of his classes online. Problem is that the online school software is PC-only (how smart can this school be?).

We own one PC...a four year old model that was top of the line in it's day, but after suffering at the hands of kids at a time when they would install anything they found in the cereal box, it had been reduced to a pile of ashes by the time we moved from Camp Bennett to the Farm in April. We never even bothered setting it up at The Farm because it was just dirt slow. Knowing that I was faced with buying a PC, I took a sudden interest in fixing the one we had.

This morning, the 33 gig hard drive had 4 gig of free space. As of 10:36 PM, we're up to 15.8 gig free and I'm still finding stuff I can do without. It's made a night and day difference...this thing nearly screams now. Not enough to convert me back to PC's but good enough to delay a forced purchase, allowing us to save our pennies for what we really want!

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