a best day ever..

Have you ever thought about what goes in to making a great day? By my standards, this was it. Nothing earth shaking happened, but it was the perfect convergence of a lot of things I love. Consider:

The alarm did not go off at 5 AM. This has the makings of a good day.

With a crystal blue sky and cool fall morning, I felt perfectly comfortable in levis and my favorite Doc Martens...the pair I have worn several times a week for...oh man, over four years?!?!? and I got'm from a used clothing store to begin with....

I went to a store to make a purchase, only to find out they didn't open for 30 minutes...which justified a 30 minute perusal of Borders Bookstore, coffee in hand. Important time for an introvert.

Came home, spent some fun time with the boys. A great day would not be great without them. Worked with Kelsey getting the house in order and assembling a desk, until we realized why we got such a good deal on it at Good Will: Missing fourteen funky camshaft woodscrews connectors.

Drove to Big Box Hardware in search of funky camshaft woodscrew connectors, only to have their Hardware Expert send me to a real hardware store...not a big box depot, but a little hardware store that shared a parking area with a grocery store and a liquor store. I met an old man in a yellow vest who grunted "Over there. Aisle 12. Left hand side, yellow box." He was right.

Drove home with the windows down and the best Bruce Springsteen recording in history pumping through the car via the iPod and Tunecast. I listen to this album every fall...and it's eery how it brings back Sept 11/01.

Spent time in my house. My real house. The one I have a key to. That is still a novelty. We've been gone a while.

Went to Mike's teaching on eschatology tonight. Head spun 360 degrees, several times.

end of day. :)

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