They're rolling in to Black Rock City....

This shot is from the live webcam in Greater Metro Gerlach, Nevada. To really understand Gerlach, you must see the Virtual Reality Panorama. Gerlach grows from 499 people to 36,500 today...and again next Monday when they pull off the Black Rock Desert and come back through town.

You can see a new shot on the webcam here every fifteen seconds. See real live Burning Man types drive by in cruddy old VW Vans, remanufactured schoolbuses, V8 powered motorcycles and the occasional Toyota Pruis with requisite Nader sticker. Also, look for my home slopies*, Recie, Rob, Lana and the gang. They're in the dusty RV.

The Burning Man event takes place on the Black Rock Playa - another VR panorama that you really need to see. It should be noted that the playa panorama is obviously taken prior to Burning Man. Tough to hide 36,500 wild folks out there.


*Slopies may be a new term to you. That's alright. Those of us who grew up in the slopes know of which we speak. Yola, slopies! Charf-Charf!!

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