A Story

This is a story about a boy. A boy and his iPod. A boy who received said iPod second hand as a gift. Sixty gigs. Color screen. A happy boy.

The boy used his iPod for a few weeks, when ERK! ERK! ERK! The iPod began to hop. Skip. Jump. Frolick. But not work correctly.

The boy called Apple. Apple told him it was under warranty. The boy checked Apple.com. Apple.com told him it was not under warranty. The boy called Apple back. Apple said the website was right and wanted to charge him $49 for the phone support to tell him that.

The boy firmly told Apple that he had followed instructions, and warranty or no warranty, this was not justice. They dodged. He persisted. They countered. He argued. They caved. "We'll send a box for the dead iPod." They said. An iCoffin of sorts. Send it to us...we'll send you a new one.

Now available for union negotiations, dickering for the price of new homes, and general persistent needs: Jackson. Hell knows no fury like a wronged 12 year old boy.

...and will He find that kind of faith when He comes?

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