Note, dear readers: You have not seen it all.
It should be mentioned that I have never met Ed Young and do not hold him responsible for this link, but whoever's writing web copy for him has a thing or two to learn about overpromising.

They sell a number of things on CreativePastors.com - sermons, video clips, even Ed's trademark Clear Dry Erase Board. The kicker is the tagline for this item promises to "BRING CLARITY TO YOUR TEACHING!".*

C'mon. I know our churches are lacking clarity, but Ed's postmodern flannelgraph is not gonna fix it. Planters & pastors, let me drop the bomb: At some point, you've still gotta pray. Unless, of course, that's available somewhere for download....

*It should also be noted that they are not offering returns on the Clear Dry Erase Board. In other words, Clarity Not Guaranteed.

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