These are not random thoughts. I'm just having them all at once. It's how I think.

The Space Shuttle
I'm still trying to figure out why that thing came apart at launch again. Given the last disaster, I just can't imagine that they hadn't covered all the bases. I'm very glad this crew made it home safe.

Kelsey's Teaching
My favorite teacher is speaking in the 9 AM meeting tomorrow. She and I are splitting the slot this week - I did the last three days and she'll finish out the week. Whenever we teach back to back I'm reminded how linear I am and how much better she is.

Pastors Do Not 'Get' Blogging
Hear me out, my brothas. It is not a running advertisement for your church. I'm more interested in what you think than in what you're doing. Or planning to do (but won't).

These Interns
They have kept me up and ate my ice cream and asked me a hundred questions and I love them like crazy. Now some of them are launching out to travel and share some of the things they've learned and I'm thrilled and nervous at once. Right now, at 11:47 PM, from where I'm sitting, I see one reading, three chatting, two surfing and three praying together. None of them know I'm watching, but I am. And so is the world. You guys rock.

Zion Bohlender, now four, is developing quite a personality. He forgot to shut the door the other day and I asked him "Were you born in a barn?" He didn't miss a beat. "Nope. A doctor's office." Ba-Da-Bump-CHING!

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