Kevin Kelly, founding editor and current senior maverick at Wired Magazine, has written a fascinating article on the development of the web. One quote that stuck out (among many notables) was this one:

"The total number of Web pages, including those that are dynamically created upon request and document files available through links, exceeds 600 billion. That's 100 pages per person alive".

Think about that. A hundred pages per person. And not all those people have web access...not to mention that some are still tormented with dial up. In other words, you've got a lot of surfing to do tonight to make sure you see your portion and the whole web gets viewed.

He goes on to ask about what it means when we have more people uploading content than downloading. Do we really need another site dedicated to photos of someone's cute kids? Another church planter who has decided they can hand out leadership tips? A strange blog about the wanderings of a quirky bald man...uh, wait. Forget that part.

Thanks to TallSkinnyKiwi Andrew Jones for the link I found on his blog.

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