There's a certain satisfaction in seeing the right people nervous. Look at the opening seconds of this video from Move On for our activists standing on the steps of the State Courthouse in Florida.

It's interesting how they term the Schiavo case a "family crisis, affecting the most personal rights of all..." and declare that the government had no place in stepping in. None of this argument was used during the killing of Lacy Peterson and her unborn child, which oddly enough, netted her husband Scott double murder charges, even though Lacy could have decided to abort the baby and it would have been legal.

I wonder if Move On would have been so concerned about Terry Schiavo if she was pretty like Lacy. If she photographed well. If she had a brilliant smile. Lacy became a posterwoman for family brutality - and make no mistake, it was a tragedy - but Terry Schiavo's murder became fodder for intellectual debate. The government was told to stay out because someone somewhere had made a judgement about her 'quality of life'.

That 'quality of life' idea really torques me. Heaven help us if we get into that big game of lifeboat. Do you really think that everyone is so admiring of your life that they'd think you're worth saving? Who would Paris Hilton through out of the boat? The homeless mom, you, or her personal hairdresser?

I wonder if Sandra Day O'Conner had a clue how messy this is going to be. No wonder she's bailing for Arizona. Run, Sandy, Run!

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