a strange cast of characters....

I did a quick perusal of pages that link to my blog, utilizing special software only available to spies like me (and a couple of Google tricks) and answered at least part of the age old question of "How in the heck do people find there way to this page?!?".

Most just walk right on in. In other words, I'm on some list of favorites they have. Of course, having no clue who they are, it doesn't mean much to be a favorite.

It turns out that some Googled me directly. Like, maybe 1 in 10. How weird is that? A little spooky, actually. To be Googled by a complete stranger (I presume). I am sure there is something in the Torah about this.

Just as interesting are the folks who have a link to my blog on their blog. One would expect that those blogs would have some sort of common interest, forming a sort of demographic base. They do not. They range across two continents, decades in age, and huge gaps in world view. For the most part, I think they like me, although it may be my own neurosis driving me to that conclusion. This I know: I ain't GOT no stinking demographics. My blog is the equivelant of JACK radio.

All that to say, do a strange little bald man a favor. Drop me a note. Like now. And tell me how in the heck you ended up here. I'm a simple man. This will make me happy. rbohlender@gmail.com.

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