resolution, at least

Doctors called a few hours ago to tell us that hormone levels have dropped significantly. All indicators are that we have lost this baby.

I'd be lying if I said we were ok. We will be ok, but for today, I'm taking a mulligan. Our boys are very sad - they were so hoping for a sister. Through our adult lives, we've always ended up helping our community process our own grief. I did my father's funeral, as well as both of Kelsey's parents. For the moment, I think I'd better just take care of my own family. Kelsey is very tired - primarily emotional release, I think. For the moment, wee feel a little like casualties in this battle for life. Fortunately, this moment is not our destiny.

On another tangent, I've got to get our newsletter out today. It has been delayed for obvious reasons. It is not good for a missionary not to send newsletters...we need to stay in touch with people. Recently I tried to pay for a tank of gasoline with a pledge card. It was not successful. Seriously, the real benefit of the newsletters is keeping the issues in front of people for prayer - the amount of prayer support we've had over the last few days has been absolutely amazing.

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