Only in NYC would these rules warrant a newspaper mention. Common sense sorta stands out there. Granted, they had the smarts to allow coffee, something DC fails to do.

WASHINGTON POST: "Skate-boarding on New York City's subways, not to mention riding a bike, wearing in-line skates and riding between the cars as trains rumble through the tunnels, now are officially nixed.The city's subways long have been a sort of subterranean home on wheels, where one can sleep, eat, smooch, maybe even cook. But the Transit Authority announced last week that it would impose a touch of order, proposing fines of between $25 and $100 for such behavior.
Now, to a Red Line-riding Washingtonian, this might sound like common sense. As Metropolitan Transportation Authority board member Barry Feinstein said about riding between subway cars: 'It's dangerous. It's not smart, and you shouldn't do it.'But a certain anarchy attends underground in New York. This might explain why the Transit Authority felt constrained to point out in its new regulations that: ' 'Rules' means these rules.'It also explains why the Transit Authority waited just a day before loosening one proposed rule, against sipping coffee on the subway. 'New York's a caffeinated place,' acknowledged an authority spokesman. 'It seemed smart to let the coffee be.'"

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