July 4 Survived

Like hundreds of thousands of others, we gathered in Washington, DC to watch the fireworks last night. A meeting ran longer than we expected, which kept us from making it to the steps in front of the Capitol, where a laser show and Gloria Estefan concert was being held. Nevertheless, we stood on the steps of the Library of Congress and craned our necks to see the fireworks over the trees.

Elsewhere, a number of my high school classmates gathered for my 20 year high school reunion. My fireworks backdrop was the Capitol Rotunda. Theirs was the rodeo grounds. I think it was yesterday, as I walked down Pennsylvania Ave drinking an iced vanilla latte from Cosi's and listening to Sarah Brightman on the iPod that I realized that somewhere along the line I had wandered a long way from Velva, North Dakota. Anyway, hope you all had fun. And I hope the wind was blowing the right direction during the fireworks show. That rodeo grounds can be pungent.

Zion turns 4!!!

Join me in wishing Zion - aka ZB - a big happy birthday! Our guitar player/drummer has asked for a bass guitar (he heard the strings are thicker and won't break) and a 'big drum set' for his birthday. He is going to be mildly dissappointed but will deal with it with his usual good cheer. We are BLESSED to have this little guy - he's a constant joy.

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