I was up at O-Dark-Thirty this morning to catch a flight. I flew to Chicago-Midway and then on to Kansas City, MO.

The second leg of the trip was remarkable for two reasons...One, finagled a seat in row one, which would be first class in any other airline, but I was flying Southwest, which just makes it row one. Second, I shared the row of 3 seats with two gentlemen who, were they not obviously reading, could have been NFL players.

I'm here for a few meetings and to give our house the once-over. I managed to find where that pesky leak is coming from and renew my drivers license...or more accurately, surrender my Ohio license for a Missouri one (what with having not lived in Ohio for several years and all...).

The license process was very easy and could have been administered by a chimp were it not for the fact that money needed to change hands and chimps are notorious for shortchanging people
people because, well, they're chimps. I did have to answer a number of difficult questions, like "When you see a U shaped arrow in a circle with a slash across it, what does it signify?". Through a series of points and grunts, I was able to answer and got my license. Of course, it cost me twenty bananas.

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