i disagree with some of the nicest people....

Adam der Vunderstaffer and I had coffee today with friends Marian Goodell & Larry Harvey, the brains behind Burning Man. They discovered me nearly five years ago after reading the text of a sermon I'd delivered in the ol' SpiritLife days. I accused them of routinely surfing church web sites reading sermons...something they found rather amusing. Nevertheless, something I'd said triggered something they felt, html was crafted, and before you could say "point, click, point, click", they had driven 18,000 visitors to read what I'd written.

Over frighteningly pale key lime pie (although an expert reminds me that lime juice is 'barely green, really') we talked Washington peculiarities, plans for BM05, the irony of anarchists demanding voting rights, and the strange twists that led us all to discover that we really, really like one another.

Despite the fact that I suspect I disagree with them on most issues of major importance in my life, I find Larry, Marian, Andie (and prior BM whizGirl, Jess the Nurse) to be more than interesting. They are wonderful. My religious beliefs serve as a bridge, not a wall. As I told Marian today "My faith enables me to see you as who you are - a child of God...a God who is intensely interested in you. My faith compells me to love you."

All that to say "Guys, thanks for the time today. You are important to me. Hopefully next time will be in SF, where the waiters don't give Larry the blank stare when he asks for an iced cappuccino."

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