One hundred thirty one thousand, two hundred and sixty three. That's what the odometer said when we heard "WHOOOOPA WHOOOPA WHOOOPA!". For the uninitiated, "WHOOOOPA WHOOOPA WHOOOPA!" is the sound made when one of the rear vent windows opens on the SS Family Truckster. Apparently Mitsubishi designed and built thousands of these trucks under the false assumption that Americans LOVE their trucks to go "WHOOOOPA WHOOOPA WHOOOPA!" at high speed.

After scolding Grayson for opening the window, I realized that he hadn't opened the window. A bolt holding the clamp style fastener had become unfascinated and worked itself out. The window now hung open 2 inches in the back. The bolt lie dead on the floor of the third row seat area.

With a little roadside engineering (yes, duct tape) we were back on the highway. Tomorrow morning I'll bum a screwdriver from the front desk of the hotel and reassemble the clamp as misdesigned by Mitsubishi.

Present location: Somewhere in northwest Alabama
Present condition: Hatin' them chigger bites

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