CNN.com - Fillibuster Fight - May 23, 2005: "Amid the rhetoric, Chief Justice William Rehnquist was brought into the Capitol in a wheelchair for a brief visit to the office of the Capitol Physician, his presence a stark reminder of the stakes involved in the clash unfolding one floor above in the Capitol."

Am I the only one who thinks this is a set up? Rehnquist just decides to go visit the doctor? In a wheelchair? Give him extra points for dramatic timing as the justices themselves began to panic at the thought of an assertive Senate that just might not let them run roughshod over the constitution. I think the Chief Justice took the opportunity to display his frailty to the nation to remind the senate that this fight is not about curcuit court judges...it's about the pool of prospective Supreme Court Justices.

My prayer - the majority will not negotiate as if they were the minority. It's time to vote for judges - in our out - rather than continue the pansy fillibuster that allows Senators to go home and say "well, it never came up for a vote....".

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