a week???!!!??

How did a week go by without getting a chance to blog. Yikers, that's a new record. And it's shameful...but we've been incrediby busy. Right now I'm tucked in the corner of the Justice House of Prayer as our team goes after it in an intercession set. I have come to love these kids...quickly. Christine is leading with acumen that makes it hard to believe shat she's only twenty or so. She's got a voice like a bird. Tiffinni is prophesying to the senate with the sort of authority that would make me sit up and listen QUICK if I were a senator. Trevor, bright red shirt and brighter red hair, is pacing intensely. Others sit on the floor, on pillows, or on cheapo chairs from Ikea writing, praying, or studying.

We're on the second floor. Out the open window, Hill Rats make their way to or from the Hawk & Dove as they crawl bar to bar looking for reality even as it lilts out the windows above them. Occassionally they look up wondering what that sound is. Most of the resturants and shopkeepers on our block of Pennsylvania Ave can tell them.

We took a quick trip to the Jefferson Memorial today - the cherry trees are in full bloom. Quite the site. As we tried to leave the park, we ended up completely lapping the tidal basin completely looking for I-395. Did I mention it was bumper to bumper traffic and it took us forty five minutes? Or that we never actually left site of the basin or the monument? Errk. Read a map, dough head.

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