I spoke with Kelsey tonight – she’s still in Florida with half the interns, pretty tired and sounding very hoarse.* The team is sleeping on the floor of a church somewhere and she desperately needs a good night’s sleep...I drove to Starbucks to surf the web and try and score her a hotel room somewhere in the vicinity, but with it being Spring Break week, those are far and few in between, and arguably not much quieter I’m guessing. I believe that tomorrow night she’s going to crash at Kevin & Lorna Matthews....good friends from the IHOP days who have relocated to Tampa to be nearer to their grown children and shopping centers that have golf cart parking.

Today was spent in meetings and troubleshooting for JHOP. Even though there was a fair amount of trouble, we did not shoot anyone, so perhaps that description is not as accurate as it should be. Later, I drove out and checked on the farm that we’re going to be moving to (our living space at least) in a few weeks. I will not miss the hour long commute to Camp Bennett, or Camp Bennett’s peculiar Emus guardians. I got home in time to work on our taxes before the interns rolled in for a late dinner.

We are officially going to give Jet Blue a try at the end of this month as we fly to the Bay area for a conference (and squeeze in lunch with my Burning Man buddies). I’m not sure how Jet Blue can afford to get me there nonstop for $124 (westbound). Even considering they don’t serve a meal....seems sort of fishy. I also thought it was weird that the return flight was $200. Apparently there are masses of people willing to pay to leave California but fewer paying to get there. Go figure. Coming back we’re doing the redeye...I’ll be borrowing Jackson’s iPod for this trip.

For those of you who read RELEVANT magazine...it seems like they have a corner blurb on what we’re doing in their latest edition. I actually saw it for a minute today – not sure what page, but on the bottom left somewhere if you’re looking. Yikes. Now we’re in RELEVANT. The next thing you know, I’ll be a pop star. If TIGER BEAT calls, stick a fork in me. I’m done.

*OK, as a writer, this really pains me, but as a techie, I think it’s cool. I wasn’t sure about my spelling of hoarse...but if you hold the Apple key down and click on the word, Office for Mac brings up a menu that allows you to a) check the definition and b) review a list of synonyms. And ironically, there are no synonyms listed for synonym. Seriously. Sincerely. Genuinely. Honestly. No freakin’ kidding, Sherlock.

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