contrary to popular belief....

I have not died.
I have not been eaten by the political machine.
I have not joined a commune, at least in the technical sense.
I have not abandon my friends by a series of sudden shifty manuevers.

I am currently joining you on the not-quite-world wide web from the beautiful Howard County Library, located in rural but wired Maryland. I am waiting for my boys to trim their selection of books to below fifty while watching parents scan the dvd rack picking out their next babysitter.

Things are wild and wooly here. We've had a few interns call it quits while having gained a few others. We've pulled back the last two days to teach and talk - and it's been very good. Another day or so and we're back in the saddle in Washington. Our days start early and run late, as a rule. I have more email in my in box than I have ever had in my life. Those of you who have corresponded with me over the years have known me to be hopelessly wired - this has slowed down considerably (and against my will). It did not help when my Tungsten C fell out of it's kryptonite case and went skating across the concrete at high speed last night as I trotted towards the entranced to Outback. Verdict: It's palms up. God bless Chuck who said, "Take mine. I never use it."

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