Sunday evening, blogging in real time for a change...

Kels & Jackson are on the road with a team in Nashville (after a killer time in Johnson City - hey ya'll!), so I had Grayson and Zion all to myself this afternoon. The temperature flirted with 60 degrees all afternoon, so we headed down to the Museum of American History, one of the Smithsonians on the Mall. Having already seen the museum, the best part of my afternoon was walking half the length of the Mall to get to our parking spot. Standing there on the northern fringe of the grass, looking east towards the Capitol Rotunda, it was hard not to think about The Call DC in 2000. If only we knew then what we know now....kinda makes me nervous about where we'll be in 2010. :)

We had two guests from North Dakota at the Justice House of Prayer yesterday afternoon. They were in town for some event and wandered over to find us. They prayed with us on the steps of the Supreme Court and went back to JHOP to take communion with our motley crew. Later I snuck to Starbucks with them for about 20 minutes of NoDak jabber....dontchaknow. Pass the lutefisk. It's alwas fun to have guests. Stop in if you're in the neighborhood.

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