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You may notice the removal of the comments section. This was done after considerable internal debate. Well, frankly...no. I just did it.

If you follow this blog, you know that there is a person who has twice left comments harrassing me, including one addressed specifically to my son. They have included profanity, encouraged suicide, etc. To go into the long story of who it is and why they insist on doing it would be pointless. The easier answer is to just pull the plug on the comments entirely.

Lest you are tempted to play the freedom of speech card, be reminded that this is not the New York Times. I never intended on creating an open forum, much less one that I wouldn't want my kids to read.

I appreciate the input people post in the comments section, but I can happily live without it. If you have a comment, use the link at the left to email me.

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