waiting, waiting, waiting...

I'm sitting at the Cincinnati airport, anticipating that my flight may be cancelled. I was originally booked direct back to Baltimore (easier to reach from our place than Dulles or Reagan) but an ice storm on the eastern seaboard has given me an interest in flying to the TriCities in TN to help Kels drive back tomorrow. Now snow here may scuttle all that....flight has already been delayed once, but hopefully I'll get out of here in an hour or so.

Had a good weekend w/Sjogrens - wish I could have eeked out another day or so to drink coffee and fiddle with ideas. Steve is an ideameister. I like that.

Tomorrow we'll drive back to DC, try to gather our wits on Monday, and then rally the activists for a few days before we converge on Nashville with them, convoy style.

Sorry if my blogs have consisted mostly of logistics lately...it seems to be what I'm thinking about a lot. Where am I? Where am I supposed to be? Do I have the keys to the truck? Where is my mail? Are these socks clean or dirty?

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