It was good to bounce around VCC offices today, where I was able to gab for a while with Donna "Cool Even When She Doesn't Try" Hern, Pamela Lucas (who no longer works for me, although I refuse to acknowledge it directly), Allan Fuller and others.

The Intensive started about 6 pm, with 140 guests from across the US. Steve taught the bulk of tonight while I fiddled with playlists for the break and operating the coffee machines. I taught the last portion and will do a greater portion tomorrow.

Hanging out with Steve and Janie tonight reiterated to me how much I miss being with them. I can trace a number of my 'finest moments' to conversations with Steve that ended with a sort of "I dare ya" from Steve. He has encouraged me into some of my favorite predicaments.

Oh yes - Sjogrens have a new addition to their family - Cocoa, a dog about the size of a pair of socks. They literally can't allow the dog out at night or the owls will get it. What sort of a dog is owl bait?!?!

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