late nights, early mornings....

We're closing up shop here at a decent hour tonight - as opposed to last night's 2 AM bedtime - because we are heading for DC in the morning. We're going with Paul & Cheryl Amabile, but their plane leaves at 6:45 and ours doesn't leave 'till 8. The great part is that we beat them to DC. Ah, the joy of a direct flight. Paul and Cheryl, I hope you enjoy (but don't get stuck in) Chicago!

I ran across my good friend Adam Mosley's site this evening. Adam and his dear wife Melody (he says nice things about her on his website, but he still can't do her justice, and would admit it) moved with us from Tennessee to Cincinnati to plant a church many moons ago. It quickly became obvious that the church had a mediocre pastor (yours truly) but a rockin' worship leader, who worked his tail off for peanuts for several years before moving on. Come to think of it, he couldn't afford peanuts. I doubt we even ever paid for his guitar strings. Anyway, now Adam's well on his way to becoming the Quincy Jones of Vineyard Music USA. And to think that I knew him back when he couldn't spell www.

Tomorrow's post - if there is one - will be from the District of Columbia...we're there over night and then home again on Saturday. To quote the Mazda advertisement, zoomzoomzoom.

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