Just another day in Pergoville...

With getting ready to head to DC in January, we're rushing to finish the half-finished projects around the house. Today I laid Pergo in the master bath and put in a new commode. My friend Andie IM'd me just in time to get the play by play of me picking up the old bowl and inadvertently dumping it on the floor.

After tearing out the old one and 'setting the throne in place', I hooking up the water line. It quickly became obvious that the pump/valve included with the whole kit didn't work. Of course, by this time, I already had bolted the whole affair down. I was forced to go out and pirate the pump off the old one and hack together a working toilet from mismatched parts. We have the worlds first hotrod toilet.

The Pergo itself went down great. I am a recent convert to Pergoism, having been a neo-hard-wood-floor fan for years. My gripe has always been that it doesn't 'walk like wood'....it feels a little funky, but it's so easy a monkey could install it (jokes can be made in the comments section) and it looks great. I'm looking forward to putting my little toesies on the stuff in the morning instead of the skanky 50's tile that is still underneath it.

It took longer than I expected to trim out the master bath (and the hall bath that I left half finished a while back). Cutting the 2 inch molding was easy (thanks for the saw, Jason W) but the 1/4 inch quarter round molding was a bear, mainly because every time I'd cut a 45 degree angle, it was the wrong 45. I ended up having to cut them with a handsaw while staring at the corner itself to insure that I got it right. Let's hear it for the miracle of caulking and call it done.

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