Jackson's Big Day

You notice the eye color first...our boys all carry some sort of gonzo-eyelash gene, and the long eyelashes coupled with Jackson's ice blue eyes makees for quite the combo. Once you get past the eyes, you notice that he's bigger than he was last year. Bigger than he was last fall. Bigger than he was yesterday.

Jackson was born on 2.26.03, the day terrorism took it's first swipe at the World Trade Center. I remember watching the news coverage from Kingsport, Tennessee's Indian Path Hospital and wondering what was wrong with the world. Eighteen hours later I was holding my firstborn son and everything was amazingly right.

Since he was a little guy, Jackson has dealt with allergies...dairy, nuts, and a few others. He laughs it off most of the time but it sure would be nice to have a slice of pizza now and then. Today, Jackson goes to the doctor for an allergy challenge on milk.

Jackson would describe an allergy challenge as this: "They're gonna have me drink a quart of whole milk and then just sit and watch me. If I don't react, then I can have milk. If I do react....it's not gonna be pretty."

Jackson - we're praying for you today, buddy!

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