In stark contrast to my prior post....

Ohio couple plunk down $85 to have pew for Christmas Eve: "Joe and Kathy Tricaso weren't taking any chances on not getting a seat for Mass on Christmas Eve.

The couple, who live in the Akron suburb of Green, spent $85 in a church auction last summer to reserve a pew.

Their investment paid off. The parking lot at Queen of Heaven Catholic Church was filling fast when they arrived an hour before Friday's 4 p.m. service.

'The rule is you're not allowed to save seats, and kind, loving Christians can get pretty mean-spirited if you tell them they can't sit down when they see an empty seat on a pew,' Joe Tricaso said.

He said one reason for bidding on the reserved pew during the church's Summer Fun Fest was to keep his mom, Doris, from arguing with the ushers about seat availability on Christmas Eve. The couple also wanted the family to sit together.

'We agreed that no matter how much the pew would have cost, it would have been worth it to save my mom from getting into a fight,' Tricaso said."

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