I cannot even muster a comment on this one.

The Times-News Online -- Twin Falls, Idaho: "HAZELTON -- In a bizarre series of events, an overheated bearing on a truck ended up burning down a Hazelton home Sunday.

West End Fire District Chief Randy Sutton said a semi truck traveling west on Interstate 84 lost its right front wheel when the bearing failed and it overheated.

The wheel rolled across the frontage road, hit the curb in front of the house, burst through a wall next to the front door and bounced down the stairs before coming to rest in the basement and igniting the fire, Sutton said.

The driver of the truck, Wesley Rankin, told police he went to search for the wheel and noticed smoke coming from a home at 2864 E. 990 S., according to a police report. Rankin said he assisted the resident, Charisse Stevenson, in running a hose into the house and that's when he spotted his wheel lying in the entryway.

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