hold on tight....

Years ago, I had a friend with an old Chevelle. Not just any Chevelle, mind you...but a very, very fast Chevelle. One of the things that made it very, very fast, was a little button on the shift lever. Pressing that button would send a shot of nitro from the tank in the trunk into the engine under the hood, manifesting in great clouds of smoke from the rear wheels, a general unstability all around, and the car itself rocketing forward as if propelled by an explosion....which, technically, is exactly what was happening! I remember him saying over and over "I just tap the button....I don't dare do more than tap it....".

If life is an old Chevelle, this is the week we mash our thumb down on the nitro button and hold on for dear life.

Today I'm running errands, prepping for the booth at the OneThing conference, scoping out the location, picking up pipe and drape, etc. Tomorrow, 15,000 guests arrive for the big gig, which lasts until Friday night. Saturday, we load the truck and hopefully start out on our adventure, heading to DC.

We've had to be flexibility personafied the last few days. Found out that where we will be living in the DC area, at least temporarily, has changed. We're now heading for a camp in Maryland for a month or two...our friend in DC said "It's going to be a little rough, but you're kids are going to LOVE it. School-grade playgrounds and llamas!" Yesterday, we discovered that the trailer we intended on moving in is not going to be here....we hope to have a truck nailed down today. Did I mention that our entire family and the Amabiles (Paul, Cheryl, Andrea, Brooke, Isaac, Ali, Hannah & James...) are sharing a twenty foot truck? Obviously, we're not taking everything along with us....

Hang on, ya'll. This is going to be fun. Give me a holler if you're going to be at OneThing!

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