end of the day...

Here I find myself at the end of a full day, having not gotten enough done and yet too tired to do much about it.

The day started at 6 AM at IHOP, where I was in the prayer room until noon, then did a few interviews for prospective new staffers. I came home and picked up the big boys for a run to Lowes, then back to the prayer room where the IHOP staff prayed for our family, the Amabiles, and Angela Baumgardner...our Washington team! It's been a huge honor to be part of what's gone on here @ IHOP the last year and a half. It was nice to be sent out in style.

At 6 pm, our team headed to Chipotle for a little "Burrito as Big as Your Head" action. (Quick - what quirky Vineyard pastor, standing before thousands of people, referred to Chipotle burritos as "Big as your head" multiple times in 2003?!?!). The best part was that an unnamed IHOP staffer, seeing us coming into the resturaunt, plunked down his bank card and paid for our burritos...gotta love it.

It is now 10:34 pm. Kelsey is out scrounging plastic tubs from Target. The new rule of packing is that you get two tubs. What doesn't go in your two tubs doesn't go. Deal with it. Down with materialism. Up with minimalism. Out with clothes you don't wear. In with multifunctional items.

I dig it. I wonder if we'll have room for the David Hasselhoff iPod that I think Tom is buying me for Christmas....

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