short night, long day....

Danielle, our official Girl Downstairs, came home on Monday after a month of making trouble in Washington, DC. We're thrilled to have her home - I think our boys have grinned pretty much 24/7 since her car rounded the corner. She brought her wonderful mother, Kathy, who is staying with us until tomorrow.

Last night we all gathered at our house along with the Amabiles for what was supposed to be a Skyline feast, but someone forgot to bring the Skyline...but we're not bitter. We changed at the last minute to a big ol' pot of sloppy joe mix, tore open three bags of chips and called it a Midwest Thanksgiving. All that was missing was a hot dish with crushed up corn flakes on top.

After all food was eaten and the dancing had stopped, we rolled the rug back and said goodbye to everyone. Fortunately, Paul counted noses before backing out of our driveway, or Ali would still be hiding in our basement (and declared the winner of Hide and Seek, I am sure...).

We couldn't resist doing a little work before turning in. Kels trimmed out the hall bathroom and I finished the install on the new commode, holding the ceremonial First Flush with great flurry and grandeur some time around 11:15.

Today is meetingsville. I am officially scheduled at 7, 8, 9, 10, 10:30 & then one yet this evening. I'm not sure I know enough to meet this many times with different people, but I guess if I come up with one or two zingers of wisdom I can be sure and weave them into every conversation...."You know, your predicament reminds me of a proverb - "The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient." Selah.

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