November 4, 2004

President George W. Bush
The White House
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President,

As I am sure you know by now, the votes have been counted and even the strongest naysayers have to admit that you won. I'm not sure if all the votes get sent to you when it's over, but if they do, mine is the one with the left top corner bent backwards. I did that to make it easier for you to find. I would appreciate you signing it and sending it back to me as a souvenir.

I'm glad that this year's election was less messy than your little misunderstanding with Al Gore. In the end, John Kerry proved himself to have a fair amount of class (and showed an ability to read the handwriting on the wall) by not drawing us into the courts.

The next four years are yours....in theory. I say in theory, because we both know that due to the nature of politics, the things you decide to do will have much less effect on you than it will on your grandchildren. It is a matter of trickle down social theory. We now live in the world formed my John Kennedy and MLK, morphing quickly into a world shaped by Bill Clinton and MTV. By your bully pulpit, your veto power, and the strategic placing of judges, you will either set our children up for success or failure - and we won't know to the fullest extent for twenty years.

If I could be so bold as to offer a few suggestions -

Seek Humility.
You are not solely responsible for the perception of the arrogant American, but you do hold the key to reversing that stereotype. During the debates, there were a number of times that we agreed with you...but flinched at your delivery. Take the high road, Mr. President....which ultimately, is a lowly place.

Avoid Nepotism.
I have yet to see you team with one of your father's team members and be well served. Your father is a good man, I'm sure....but you carry your own mantle. Gather your own eagles.

Value Righteousness.
Clarence Thomas rattled those at his confirmation hearings by acknowledging something called natural law...we might rephrase it as things inherently right or wrong, independent of the constitution or written laws of man. Liberals everywhere went into eyebrow spasms at the thought of this....that there was a law higher than man made law? This was intellectual treason to them. Hear me, Mr. President: Thomas was right. The second you begin to believe anything other than that there is a Higher Law, you set yourself up for failure. Find a few people who can speak into your life about the nature of that Higher Law - true Supreme Court justices - and give them your full attention. The will carry the key to making these next four years the 'presidency of consequence' that Dick Cheney has been talking about the last few days.

One more thing. Watch out for Arlen Spector. He's shifty. I just know it.

Lead on, sir.

Randy Bohlender

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