I, Randy Bohlender, am now a liberal.

That seems funny to write...and probably just as funny to read. Liberal is something I've never thought of myself as. I have all the wrong opinions, vote for all the wrong candidates, and since the Volvo died, I don't even drive a liberal's car. Granted, I use a Mac, but that doesn't make me liberal...just smart.


a noble person plans noble things;
he stands up for noble causes.
Here's what shifted for me. I was reading in Isaiah this afternoon and ran across this jewel: But the noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds he stands (Isaiah 32:8). The Holman Christian Standard Bible phrases it this way: But a noble person plans noble things; he stands up for noble causes. One commentary translates the word 'noble' as 'liberal', and goes on to say "One that is truly liberal, and deserves the honour of being called so, makes it his business to do good to every body according as his sphere is. He devises liberal things. Charity must be directed by wisdom, and liberal things done prudently and with device, that the good intention of them may be answered, that it may not be charity misplaced. The liberal man, when he has done all the liberal things that are in his own power, devises liberal things for others to do according to their power, and puts them upon doing them." I have decided that based on that, I am liberal, or at least want to be.

I want to be liberal regarding the poor. I want them to live in such abundance that they receive the joy of generosity. It is the condescension and humanistic pity of those that claim to be their keepers that keeps the poor in a welfare state. I want them to have much...so much that they don't need, and have enough to give away.

I want to be liberal regarding the unborn. I insist they have the same chance at life that I have. Yes, I believe in clean air and pure water - but I believe it even for those who haven't made the very short trip down the birth canal. I believe their cause is noble.

I want to be liberal in my relationship with God. I want to experience Him fully, and be experienced by Him. I want Him to know me as much as I want to know Him...and then I want you to have the same experience - not because I'm superior to you, but because it IS the experience a lifetime is given for.

So there you have it. I'm a liberal at heart. Maybe you are too. Man, I've gotta get some bumper stickers.

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