I put my wife on a plane tonight....

She's headed to DC to join The Cause on the steps of the Supreme Court building tomorrow. I am proud of her in a huge way - both for her fire on this one and for her flex in deciding to go at 4 pm and making it to the gate for a 6:30 PM flight.

For all of you undecided voters (or flip floppers, and judging from the changing polls, there are many...), here this: I am really tired of the pseudo-intellectual numbskullery that I have been reading from believers who are leaning left over financial policies and a war that has admittedly gone bad.

While I feel I'm a complex thinker (some will undoubtably argue with me on that one), there is one thing I cannot ignore tommorrow at the polls - the wholesale, government endorsed slaughter of the unborn. Be humane enough to vote your conscience before your pocketbook or sense of history.

I know the rhetoric about 'not being a one issue voter', but the truth is that we all are. Our vote hinges on one thing that we cannot tolerate or cannot resist....we look at all the issues, but land on the big one. Pity the poor souls who land on their pocketbooks.

When you pull the lever tomorrow, may your ears ring with the cry of the 40 million who will never get a chance.

I am a one issue voter. The issue is life and death.

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