From our new series: Excuses for Leaders

Leadership Excuse #45256: It's just not our DNA.

If I hear one more leader weasel out of a good idea that they don't want to do by declaring "that's just not our DNA..." or bail out of a commitment they made to someone because "...they didn't share our organization's DNA...." I think I will surely barf.

Now, to be fair, not all orgs are wired to take every opportunity that comes along, and there are some people you just can't work with, but for the most part, when these excuses are used, what the leader is really saying is one of these:

"We have never done that before" and "We're scared of our differences."

Well of course you haven't done it before...that's why you're still plodding forward, isn't it? To try new things? Regarding the second situation - insisting someone didn't share your DNA - please remember that if your PARENTS shared DNA, you'd have a third eyeball and webbed feet.

Next time you hear a leader spouting about their DNA, ask them if they even know what it stands for. Do Not Ask, I guess.

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