a true fall moment...

I am setting here on the front porch and an acorn just came flying off the tree overhead and pegged my iBook. True story.

It's a gorgeous day - maybe sixty five degrees and a brilliant blue sky. We marched the labor force (aka the boys) out to the front yard armed with rakes. Remember those gorgeous trees in the front yard we told you about? We were so excited this summer...having lived in spec house suburbia for so long, where a 'tree' was 3 feet tall, it was awesome to have two huge trees in our front yard. Well, those botanical wonders have turned into an unending source of acorns and leaves. We raked together several huge piles and I would guess that about 80% of the leaves are still up there, mocking us. Even as I write this, some of you are thinking "Moron! Why don't you wait until they're all down?!?!" And to you, I say "you've obviously never raked leaves when they got WET."

While the troops raked, I cleaned out the gutters. There were, of course, full of leaves. Kelsey bought these handy dandy leaf guards for the gutters, so I painstakingly installed them. They are little metal grates that fit over the gutters. Once I got them installed across the front of the house, I ran the hose on the roof, only to be mortified when I realized that they not only stopped leaves from getting in the gutters, they stopped WATER from getting in the gutters. I ended up yanking them off, resigned to bi-weekly gutter cleaning this fall. Glad it's not a two story.

Our little corn a-mazing foray last night was downsized to a family get together due to bad weather, although when one family has five and the other eight, you can only downsize so far. We had big fun talking with hanging with the Amabiles. Paul Amabile is the only other person in the world who remembers the Joey Chitwood Auto Thrill Show from his childhood. He saw it as a kid in Massachusets, I saw it at the North Dakota State Fair. These are the building blocks of....I don't know. Something, that's for sure....because Paul and I laugh hard every time we talk about it. Kelsey and Cheryl stare blankly at us. Of course, they didn't see Joey Chitwood's Auto Thrill Show, so there's only so much they would understand.

I think I'm going to try and drive Kelsey's truck on two wheels this afternoon. Film at eleven.

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