r o c k e t r u n*
(I stole this term from my friend Andie, who used it to describe her jet-setting lifestyle as she shuttled between San Francisco and NYC. For a midwesterner, KC to Cincy and back in less than 24 hrs is plenty jet setting...)

I flew out of Kansas City yesterday around noon and hit the ground running in Cincinnati. First stop: The Unmentioned Car Rental Company, where I stood in line for twenty minutes in spite of the fact that there was only one person in front of me. Let's just say they're very, very methodical. When my turn came, they revealed that the car I had reserved was, in fact, not available...leaving one to wonder exactly what sense the word 'reserved' was being used. They then offered me my choice of replacement vehicles...a minivan or a convertable. Hmmmm. What to do, what to do.....twenty minutes later I was tooling north on I-75 with the top down.

Rather than checking in to the hotel, I drove to the Vineyard and got to see some of my favorite peeps. I really miss the crew there...could type more, but must not get salty tears into the keyboard.

The EMI banquet went well. It was hosted (quite well, might I add) by Justin Masterson. Justin is VCC's video guy. I was seated at a table with he and his lovely wife, Stacy. They are firmly in the "People I wish I'd hung out with more in Cincinnati" column, along with Adam and Amy Rouch, who were also at our table. I will not name names, but a former worship leader who planted a church with us and later worked at the Vineyard before bailing for The Vineyard Music Group once dubbed Amy "Mariah Carrottop". If you know her, you'll understand.

After the banquet, I tooled over to Troy & Yo Lynn's (top down, of course) to hang with them a little. Troy has aquired a very honkin' cool 800 cc cruiser that has me thinkin....hmmmmmmm. Perhaps one day. I think I got back to the hotel around midnight, crashed, and hopped a flight back home this morning - walked in the door by 11 AM.

It was great to be in Cinci - sure do miss home.

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Anonymous said...

There's something about those guys in Cincinnati that makes it feel like home, however far away it is.