Mac for President

I had to take the Montero to visit Mac today. I like Mac. His shop, aptly named "Mac's Auto Repair" is located off the beaten path and surrounded by vehicles which, if one were to consider it very long, would seem to indicate that Mac's not much of a mechanic....but once again, appearances deceive us.

Today's issues were of the stopping nature - meaning, if we didn't get brake pads put on, the truck would no longer stop....stop stopping, if you will, a sort of phsyics class double negative. We also needed a brakelight bulb, and the rear hatch handle looked at. About four months ago, the big back barndoor refused to open, rendering our utilitarian truck highly unutilitarian. Loading groceries meant putting them in over the back seat. Not fun at any time, but particularly not fun in the rain with children.

Anyway, I called Mac yesterday and said "I have this Montero with some problems." Instantly he remembered my truck and my name, even though we've only been there twice in the last year. When I dropped it off he said "I'll check the back brakes, if they're half there, let's leave them." Last January, I expected a repair bill to run into the hundreds - he billed me $30 because "twern't nothin', really. just a faulty sensor."

Mac for President.

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