It's O-Dark-Thirty EST, and I'm sitting at the kitchen counter at a friend's house where we've been staying for a few days. In just a moment, an alarm will go off and my family will burst into action. Well, perhaps 'burst' is misleading. They will ooze. They will ooze into action, which this morning means sliding out from under the covers and into the truck for the drive back to Kansas City. Today's drive will be a little challenging - we're not only tired, we're driving two vehicles back...the SS Family Truckster and a gently used '88 Acura Legend that was given to us to replace the turbowWagon.

Yesterday afternoon we made a prayer stop at the Voice of America park. Although it's now a mish-mash of picnic sites and soccer fields, not many years ago it was the site of a large number of high powered radio towers, broadcasting around the world. These towers broadcast the truth all the way to Hitler's Germany. At one point, Hitler was said to have cursed 'those liars in Cincinnati'. Rats always hate to have a light shined on them. We prayed for a beacon of truth to come out of this city that would cause the enemy trouble to his rotton core.

It's been quite a visit. I mentioned last night that even though we've lived in fifteen homes during our fifteen years of marriage, and those are strung out across 1500 miles and in four states, Cincinnati is home. We had some great times with people this week. Late nights here at the VanWeeldens...yesterday afternoon at Demos' house, sitting over coffee with Mark & Julie and the Aude's while our expanding tribe roamed the house. (Killer cookies, Julie! And both couples - your children are beautiful, as are your hearts. We miss you guys.)

It is not easy to head west this morning.

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