i am unsure.....

i am unsure..... why my attempt to install the latest OS on Kels' ibook went awry. Thanks for Dougie for trying to talk me through it....I have not yet perfected plan b.

i am unsure..... why I bothered to rake those leaves last week. It was an exercise in futility.

i am unsure..... how long this Acura my friend gave me will run on a tank of gas, but Buzz Lightyear may be correct....to infinity, and beyond.

i am unsure.....how many times they had to ask Kyle to play Operaman, but I'm guessing not many. See www.cincyvineyard.com, scroll to the bottom. Thanks Donna.

i am unsure.....that we will know the answer to 'who won the election' by Tuesday night. In fact, I'm guessing not.

So. What do you know?

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