He seemed very nice, but then he freaked out after too many meetings...

Yesterday was Meetingzilla. The calendar conspired against us all and stacked up several monthly and bi-monthly events on the same day. I knew I was tired, but didn't realize how insane the day had been until we were leaving our small group about 9:30 PM and realized that the vast majority of us in the group had been together since 6 AM, going from meeting to meeting - occassionally more of us, sometimes just the core. AAAK! :) Good thing I like these people.

Bluetooth Snafu #53235. In one of yesterday's meetings, during a slow moment, I decided to be funny and send a photo of myself via bluetooth to Dwayne Roberts' Powerbook (he was sitting across the room). I clicked on file sender and POOF, sent it....only to realize I'd sent it to someone else - I have no clue who - probably someone in the prayer room next door! So...if you were in the prayer room yesterday and my mug showed up on your screen, I hope you took at as an angelic sign and prayed for me.

Today is a lesser version of yesterday. Fewer meetings (3) interspersed with longer stretches in the prayer room. Sanity restored.

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